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Field Rental & Availability

We have 5 softball fields and one baseball field available for rent/use.

Softball Fields:  

Baseball Field:

To view availability of any field head to our facilities page and select the field.  You can then click on the availability chart to view available dates and times.  Note playing on any field without a permit is prohibited. 

Reserving a Field

Request one of our 5 softball fields or our baseball field online at www.ntparksrec.com

  • Review the Field Rental/Use Guidelines
  • Create an account (or log in to an existing account) at www.ntparksrec.com 
  • Select "Facilities" --> "Reservation" 
  • Select the field along with dates and times you wish to request.
  • Your request will be reviewed by our staff and if approved, you will be emailed an invoice. Invoice balance must be paid within 5 business days or your reservation is lost.
  • Once paid, your field permit will be available by selecting "Account"--> "My Account" --> Reservations.  Click on the permit link to view and or print your field permit.

You can also submit a paper request form

  • Download the Field Rental/Use Form
  • Complete Page 2 (Field Use Request Form) and email to phogan@northtonawanda.org  or fax to 695-8533.
  •  You will be contacted once approved, and payment must be received within 5 business days of approval or your reservation will be lost.

Fee Schedule



  1. Remove field material from a playing field.
  2. Use any tool other than a rake to maintain a field.
  3. Dig any holes in the field to remove water or mud
  4. Drive any vehicle onto a field unless a medical emergency exists
  5. Hit baseballs/softballs into the fencing/backstop
  6. Use the field if weather conditions have left it wet or muddy
  7. Use the field without obtaining a permit.



  1. Notify us of any conditions (torn bases, plates, debris, damage etc) that may require immediate maintenance
  2. Clean up any garbage, plastic bottles and mess created by your team.