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Women's Thursday Night

Your league contact is
Pam Hogan

Liability Forms:

Team captains can have each individual sign the Team Waiver Form collectively and submit it to phogan@northtonawanda.org OR each individual player can sign the electronic waiver formNOTE:  Any player playing without signing the liability form will be considered an illegal player and the team will be subject to forfeiture of any and all games in which the illegal player participated. 
How does COVID-19 impact league play
  • Bring a mask- masks need to be worn when not on the field of play and 6 feet of distance cannot be maintained.
  • Bring a chair-  all bleachers have been removed to prevent crowded seating.  
  • Bring hand sanitizer- if you are sharing bats, and equipment be sure to sanitize your hands often
  • NO sunflower seeds.  Avoid spitting
  • Only the defensive team should touch the ball.  Let the defense get all balls that are out of play.
  • Respect other players and umpires space.  No verbal or physical confrontations.  
  • Avoid crowds- leave the playing area after your game (don't congregate near the players area while another team is trying to warm up).
  • Be flexible- due to late condensed season, make up games will need to be on Wednesday or Fridays.  

Standings (Women's Thursday)

                 CONGRATS  BUDDDUCCI     LADIES CHAMPS 2021 !!!!
 18 - 3
8 - 7
Playoff 7/29/21
July 29
 Junkyard dogs
 July 29
 Partner's Knee Sox
 Hideaway Just 1 More
 July 29
 Nit Witts
 Brew Crew 
 July 29
 DP's Old Ladies

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* Winning team is responsible for reporting the final score by MIDNIGHT the day of the game

Report Score by any of the 3 options...

1. Email: phogan@northtonawanda.org

2. Click on the "Score Report Tab"

3. Text score to 579-4434

* Any roster addition must sign and turn in a liability form before they can play*

* Last day to amend rosters is Wed. July 28

* For game updates, please call the Sports Hotline at 695-8520 Push 1

* Standings are based on points (2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie). If two teams have the same point total, the tiebreaker is their head-to-head result then lowest Runs Against (RA)

* A reminder to all teams that use of any illegal bat found on the ASA Non-approved bat list will result in immediate forfeit of the game. A repeat offense will result in dismissal from our league.