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Register by clicking on the link above.  Registration & Payment deadline is March 29, 2019.

League Details...

League Nights:      Men's Monday, Thursday & Friday nights
                                Women's Monday, Tuesday & Thursday nights

Registration Cost:  $300 Resident Team (4 or less non-resident members)
                                 $450 Non-Resident Team (5 or more non-residents)

Umpire Fees:           $17 per team / game (10 game regular season)

Fields:                      Martinsville, Stenzil, Felton, Gilmore, Galassi

Game Play:              7-inning games with standard ASA Slowpitch Rules
                                 Game times are 6:05 & 7:20pm start times.  

PLEASE NOTE: We have reduced the registration cost for both resident and non-resident teams that is paid up front to the Recreation Department at the beginning of the season. However, all teams will now be responsible for umpire payments on a weekly basis. Umpires will collect a $17 fee from each team prior to each game. This is a significant change, but it brings our league more in line with the majority of municipal-run leagues in our area. There are contingencies in place for certain situations; like if a game is interrupted by rain, teams will not be required to pay an additional umpire fee when the game resumes on a different day. Please read this letter from director Alex Domaradzki that outlines this change in policy.